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Ntlokoa Koti Ft. Krusher

Jeso Ke Boss

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New Album

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Molatelo Pochane known as Krusher is one of the most wanted House artists in Limpopo with his unique style. His track titled “Bonolo” is currently playing all provinces in South Africa. Krusher is willing to travel all part of the world to promote his music and share his talent with the world.

Ntlokoa Koti
Ntlokoa Koti

Godfre Masipa known as Ntlokoa Koti will make you dance will receiving the word of God. With his special voice, Ntlokoa will soon release his Gospel House album titled “Jeso Ke Boss”. As he take his music to the taverns, Ntloka Koti will not stop singing his original genre (Sion Gospel)

Botlokwa Gona Le Talenete
Botlokwa Gona Le Talente

Botlokwa Gona le Talente, which means Botlokwa has got talent is an annual performing art competition started in 2017. The aim of the event is to gather all talented in one room to show case their talents as a way to encourage all kind performing art talents in Botlokwa.

Mapalies Tournament

Krusher and Tee-Try performed at Mapalies, the biggest village soccer tournament in Limpopo.

Botlokwa Special School
Botlokwa Special School

Krusher attended casual Day at Botlokwa Special School to spend his day with those living with disabilities. During his visit krusher manager to give away gifts to number of students as away to show his love to them